Architectural Acoustics

Good acoustical design of a space is the very foundation that speech intelligibility and musical definition are based upon. No sound system can overcome poor acoustics. Acoustical design is based upon correct room geometry and the proper selection of acoustical material to establish predicted reverberation times.The positioning and selection of this material is also helpful in generating needed reflections while reducing the reflections that degraded the sound field. With a reverberation time too short, the music requirements of the space will suffer. With a very long reverberation time, the spoken word will not be understood. There is a delicate line between a suitable mix of the two needs. Proper acoustical design also determines isolation between spaces where acoustical privacy is required and to prevent unwanted noises from transferring outside or from space to space. A good sound system, to be intelligible, must produce a sound field 4 times (20 db) as loud as any background or HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) noise. (Please See FAQ on db) If the ambient noise level of your space is not controlled, the required SPL level may not be achievable.

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