DSM can do as much or as little of the job as determined by the needs of our client.

A typical acoustical project includes an evaluation of a current space (if the space actually exists), This information is then used to enhance the modeling process. If the space were in the planning stages, we would then proceed directly into the modeling phase using the Ease software. When the model is complete we would supply recomendations for any changes (type, quantity and placement) in acoustical material. If the original drawings were submitted in Autocad, an updated drawing showing material types and position on the original architectural drawings will be submitted to the client. If the client supplies blueprints, DSM will annotate the prints with the permission of the client.

With the acoustical model finished, we can then insert speakers into that model and show exact speaker positions (aiming), coverage map, intelligibility estimates and speaker aiming points. A complete set of EASE documents is then printed out and inserted into the design package.

Lighting is also a big part of any production space. Considerations for studio lighting are height, mounting, amount and types/kinds of lighting fixtures and power connection/requirements. Equipment layout and lighting placement can effect how you feel or interface with your work area.

We also provide the project RFQ (Request For Quote), bid evaluation, installation supervision and final system testing and acceptance if requested.

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