Loud Vs Quiet Rooms

Restaurants, meeting, classrooms that typically have a noise problems are due to a noisy HVAC system as well as the reflected sound off the ceiling. These problem spaces have large hard ceilings and an HVAC system that raises the ambient noise level of the room. When the room has only a few people in it the ambient noise level is in the acceptable range. As the room fills up, the noise level gets louder for every person you add to the room. Eventually, the noise level is so loud that you start speaking in an elevated voice. This eventually happens to all concerned and the noise level is now way beyond normal speech levels. To make matters worse, the noisy HVAC system turns on and adds to the din. Most restaurants with a pleasant atmosphere have highly absorptive ceilings or ceilings that are designed not to reflect sound back into the seating area. Rooms with hard vaulted ceilings or rooms with domes are the worst offenders due to the fact that they focus the sound energy directly beneath them.

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