Recording/TV/Radio Control Room/Studio Design

The acoustic requirements of these spaces are even more stringent than those of the classroom and meeting rooms. Very low ambient noise and reverberation levels must be achieved to obtain a usable room for these needs. The production that is done in these rooms is judged on the perception of the video and audio reproduced in these spaces. You cannot judge the noise content of a remote or studio recording in a loud environment. Noise from equipment in the production space, adjacent spaces, your HVAC and lighting systems must be taken into consideration.

Consequently, you will not be able to judge the quality of your production if the monitoring equipment was not correctly selected (monitors, test equipment), not installed properly or just omitted from the design. In fact, you may not discover any problems until you submit the final product and have it rejected due to poor technical quality.

Lighting is also a big part of any production space. Considerations for studio lighting are height, mounting, amount and types/kinds of lighting fixtures and power connection/ requirements. Equipment layout and lighting placement can effect how you feel or interface with your work area.

A complete power survey as well as HVAC loads are also calculated for each area.

Equipment placement and storage also become very important in designing a comfortable and productive place.


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