Why Do I Need An Acoustical Consultant?

Most Acoustical Consultants do not sell any products or materials and most sound contractors know very little about acoustics. Consultants work for the client to ensure the most efficient use of time and materials. Since we are not watching profit margins or working to meet sales figures to reach target sales, we are free to pick and choose equipment and materials that will best suit the client’s needs at the lowest possible cost. Most consultants will provide complete documentation consisting of drawings and specifications for bidding and project construction. We provide advise during the bidding process and advise the client which bids are acceptable, which items are acceptable alternatives and which are not. We are the eyes and ears of the client during construction phase to ensure that all specifications have been met and that all materials and equipment are installed properly. Finally, we are there for the final testing to make certain that all of the design specifications have been met.

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